Marsha Garcia

Marsha was born and raised in The Netherlands where she started gymnastics at age 7. She was a competitive gymnast for 10 years and rhythmic gymnast for 5 years. She started coaching at 16 and developed a love for working with and mentoring kids. After moving to the USA she left the sport for a little while to get settled in her new life. Missing the sport and working with kids, she started coaching again at Island Gymnastics in Savannah, GA. There she taught preschool, boys classes, cheer tumbling, pre competitive teams (age 4-6) and competitive teams (age 5-15) for 5 years. In 2004 she moved to Frederick, MD and started to raise a family. Life took over but her passion for working with kids continued. She volunteered in the schools, was involved in school plays, served on the PTA board for several terms and started teaching drawing classes with Young Rembrandts.  In her opinion, both art and gymnastics shape and prepare the minds and bodies of kids and teach a strong foundation for growth, in all aspects of their lives. She strives to build her students’ confidence by incorporating gymnastics with safety, discipline and fun!