Adrienne King

Adrienne is a dance and movement specialist and has been working on Arts Integration in the public schools for the past two decades. Adrienne has been a featured choreographer with companies such as the University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska Dance Theatre, Kinetics Dance Theatre Company, Circus Boreal, as well as various schools and studios throughout Alaska, Alabama, and Maryland. Since dance is her passion and first love, she recognizes the impact it can have within the classroom when integrated throughout learning. She has developed her own curriculum of Movement and Literacy, which has been utilized in schools and community classes throughout MD. She believes in the importance of community involvement and has developed multiple community programs and workshops involving her curriculum, a variety of artists, and even professional companies such as Diavolo Dance Theatre. Adrienne is a sought after public speaker and enjoys presenting her work regarding Arts Integration, the impact of early childhood literacy, and parent education at national conferences. She holds a MD State Teacher Certification in Special Education, Deaf Education, and Dance. Adrienne requires respect in the studio – respect for the teacher, respect for the craft, respect for technique, respect for the music, respect for classmates, and always respect for yourself and your body.