Student Progress

Progress is based upon how students manage their learning.

  • Participate completely with positive energy!
  • Work hard, apply corrections and focus in class.
  • Teachers look for students to meet the syllabus goals
  • Students should practice consistently. Students who do practice consistently progress further than students who do not.
  • Progress Reports are given twice a year.
  • All Children’s Dance classes are based on a one year program. Our programming for elementary through teen classes is typically a two year program per level.

Class Placement

  • Upon registration, class placement is determined by age, physical development, and level of previous training.
  • At the end of the dance year, class placement for the following dance year will be based on class participation, attendance, progress, attentiveness, ability, attitude, and consistency.
  • All placement decisions are made by the Director and the student teacher based on the best interest of each individual student.
  • Each student progresses at their own rate, and not that of their friends.
  • Students of the same age and years of experience may have completely different capabilities.
  • Negative issues regarding class placement will inhibit a student’s progress.
  • Students will become solid in their technical training by being placed in the appropriate level
  • Dance levels are different than grades at school. It is not unusual for students to remain in the same level for 2-3 years before they are ready to accept the challenges of the next level.