Tuition Policies

  • Tuition is based upon 32 weeks of classes for the fall session (although most classes have 34 weeks built into the schedule). The years’ tuition can be paid in 9 monthly installments and a Visa or Mastercard must be on file for automatic tuition. Accounts can also be paid in full by August 31, 2019 to receive a 5% discount.
  • We proudly offer a 10% discount to all active military families!
  • Tuition payments are due on the 1st day of each month.
  • Payments not received by the 15th of the month will incur a $25 late fee.
  • Tuition fees are non-refundable.
  • Tuition fees are monthly based (not weekly), regardless of how many lessons per month. Some months may have 5 lessons and some months may have a holiday but all classes will run for a minimum of 32 weeks.
  • No tuition adjustments or credits are given for missed classes.


Weather Related Studio Closings

24/7 Dance Studio does NOT follow the Frederick County Public Schools weather decisions.

Decisions for all morning and early afternoon classes will be made by 8am

Decisions for all late afternoon and evening classes will be made by 2pm

Studio closing will be posted on the studio answering system, on Facebook, via email and by text.

To receive text messages only when the studio will be closed, send @247DA to 240-348-1783.

Withdrawal Policy

Upon  enrollment, our hope is for the student  to complete the dance year. Thirty (30) days written notice is required to discontinue any class. A withdrawal form must be filled out by the parent and submitted to the front desk in person. Your account will remain active, until withdrawal procedures have been followed.

A $50 processing fee

Classroom Etiquette

Proper classroom etiquette is a very important part of the learning process.  

  • Be on time. Late arrivals disrupt the class and the late student misses important warm up exercises.
  • If a student is late or needs to leave before class is over, please inform the front desk.
  • No gum chewing, eating, or drinking is allowed in the studios. Water is okay. No cell phones during class.
  • Always show respect to the instructor. Eyes and attention must always be on the teacher.
  • Please refrain from “dancing ahead” when reviewing or relearning choreography.
  • Be appreciative of corrections and apply A correction is a compliment.
  • Be kind to your classmates. Displays of disrespect or bullying are unacceptable.
  • When class is finished, clap and thank the teacher for class.
  • Do not leave behind hair pins, water bottles, or clothing. Be sure to take all of your belongings.


Bullying Policy

Respect is rule #1 at 24/7 Dance Studio. Any child or parent who demonstrates abusive behavior of any kind can be asked to leave by staff or Studio Director if the situation meets the criteria. Gossiping, criticizing, calling names, physical contact that is unwelcome, any cyber abuse, name calling and excluding are behaviors that will not be tolerated and can cost a student /parent to be expelled from the studio. No refunds will apply.

24/7 Dance Studio reserves the right to remove, dismiss or let go of any student whose behavior is not aligned with Studio rules, in particular the Bullying/ Respect Others policy.

Studio Etiquette & Policies

  • Upon entering 24/7 Dance Studio, a positive and professional attitude is expected by all students and family members.
  • Students and family members must be respectful at all times to other students, parents, and faculty members.
  • Profanity, gossip, and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated at 24/7 Dance Studio.
  • Students must be ready and properly dressed for class before entering the classroom.
  • Please use restroom before class.
  • Use the dressing room or cubbies for dance bags and belongings.
  • Only water is permitted in lobby. Food and drinks are allowed in the kitchen area only.
  • Only water may be brought into the studio rooms.
  • Students are expected to be in class every week
  • Please drop off students early enough to get ready for class and pick up children ON TIME.
  • Please do not drop off anyone at the curb. Pull into a parking space and walk the child into the studio.
  • Siblings must be supervised and kept under control and safe.
  • NO smoking

Video & Photography Release

24/7 Dance Studio photographs and videotapes dances for promotional purposes and for social media. All photos and recordings are property of 24/7 Dance Studio.