Thank you 24/7 Dance Studio

My daughter has been dancing with 24/7 Dance Studio since she was 3 yrs old she is now 9! She has participated in the studio’s Pride company for 2 years. I am pleased with the consistent commitment of its instructors and staff. Thank you 24/7 Dance Studio for all your hard work!

Victoria Baker March 29, 2017

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Thank you so much for helping my daughter find and grow her passion in dance. Every teacher at this studio works so hard and is so amazing with the students. My daughter looks forward to her classes, and wishes she could spend all of her time at the studio. She loves her dance family.

Dayna March 29, 2017

Love 24/7 Dance Studio!

24/7 Dance Studio is the best! Our daughter has grown so much as a dancer, but more importantly, as a person over the past nine years that she has been coming to the studio. The studio has played an important role with our daughter becoming a confident and independent person. The instructors are so amazingly talented and they are always there to support their students. Also, the office staff are always so friendly and helpful…love them!! We are proud to be part of the 24/7 family.

Malissa Hiers-Wilkison March 29, 2017


My daughter has been a 24/7 Dance studio for the past 12 years. She has learned far more than excellence in dance, performance and dance history. Due to the outstanding values and leadership of the director, staff and teachers, she has developed life skills including the importance of exercise, good health, practice, memory, self discipline, team work, respect for herself and others, the gift of giving back, leadership, and countless other benefits. This studio promotes the development of the whole child and is truly a second home.

Carol G. March 29, 2017

Great Studio

My daughters have been dancing at 24/7 for five years, since they were 2 & 4. Their personalities and skill level could not be more different and I’ve been very pleased with the way the staff and teachers adapt to each student’s individual needs. Both of my daughters have blossomed into beautiful dancers who truly enjoy going to class each week.

Amanda Long March 29, 2017

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You won’t be disappointed!

My daughter joined 24/7 after leaving another dance school upset and disappointed. She is now beginning her 3rd year here and no matter what teacher she has, she loves them all. The teachers and staff teach with love, skill, patience, and encouragement. These traits also shine through the older girls, who have created bonds with the little ones. We found more than just a dance class, we found a second home.

Nicci Simpson November 23, 2016

My daughters favorite day of the week!

Just came back to Frederick after moving to PA for a year and, one of the 1st things I did was get my daughter back into classes at 24/7! Keirra absolutely loves 24/7! Her favorite day of the week is tuesday because she knows as soon as she gets out of school its time to get on her tights and go see Ms.Gina (her favorite teacher) to learn some jazz! She has learned so much in the few classes shes taken so far , she is constantly doing her moves around the house trying to get them perfect. Everyone at 24/7 is awesome! They make my daughter feel great about herself and her dancing! We plan on being with 24/7 for a very long time as they have made Keirra realize her passion for dance.

Nicole Shankle November 23, 2016

Very Pleased!

My daughter was a preemie and because of her size compared to her peers, she was often intimidated and bashful. After several failed attempts at gyms, we gave 24/7 a try. I’m so thankful that we did. My daughter loves it. She is excited to attend class each week and never wants to leave. I seen significant improvement in her gross motor skills through her Creative Movement class and watched her confidence and social skills soar.

As a member of one of the youngest dance classes, my daughter still receives quality instruction. Although she thinks she’s playing, I can see the content and technique resonating with her when she’s at home practicing. I value the friendly office staff, knowledgeable instructors and affordable cost. I highly recommend 24/7!

Jennifer Clark November 23, 2016

24/7 is the best!

My daughter has been dancing here since she was 2. When she first started, she was very clingy and didn’t want to leave my side. The teachers made her feel safe and comfortable, and she loved coming to class! Over the years, she has made such improvements in her skill level, her flexibility, and her confidence. Every teacher at the studio has been so patient, working with her at whatever pace she needs to grow as a dancer.

Dayna Koshar November 23, 2016

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24/7 was our daughters first experience with a dance program. She was a little timid at first, but Ms. Renee and Ms. Stephanie have shown so much patience with her. She now loves dance and is always excited to show off her new moves. The staff is always available for any questions and you can see their passion for dance in their attitude. We love it here!

Katie Cheng April 5, 2016

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