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Best of the Best!

Bailee has been dancing here for six years now. She started with two left feet and as quiet as a mouse….. over these last few years I’ve seen nothing but improvement, a more confident social (still very shy) but once she breaks out of her she’ll theres no keeping her quiet girl! She looks forward to dance everywhere week. She says she wished me she could go everyday. That she knows she’s not the best right now but will keep trying her best and get there, when she has a bad day and it’s a dance day she says “at least I still have dance class and that will make everything better”. She may not open up to a lot of people, but at home we have seen such a change and I feel I owe that all to dance, she has made some of her best friends at this studio. She now has started making goals to where she wants to be in dance and puts together her own dances and watches YouTube choreography and tries to copy it on repeat. I don’t know what the future holds with her and dance, we joke now she only has one left foot hahah. She has such a passion and love for dance and I have this studio to thank for giving my shy little girl confidence and always making it the most fun experience. And as for my little man he started his first year of dance this year and boy has he given the two Miss Gina’s/Jeana a run for there money. He loves it now some days…….. I thank you all for your patience and everything you do. He still won’t go to grandma with out screaming but some how miss Gina gets him in that room now with NO tears it’s magical haha. As parents we look so forward to the amazing recital every year. Im just so grateful my kids have a space where they can express themselves and feel totally free of judgement and have fun for years to come! Anyways before I write a novel!! 24/7 really is the best of the best!!!!

Bailee &Hudson December 9, 2019

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My Son loves 24/7 Dance Studio

My son loves 24/7 dance studio. He has been dancing here for the past 2 years and this year joined the boys Krew and the youth hip hop company. His confidence as a dancer especially up on the stage has grown tremendously this past year. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable about dance and more than caring. This is the most organized and well run business that we have ever come across. I would absolutely recommend 24/7 dance studio to any family that has a child that wants to learn or loves to dance.

Braden Keats March 20, 2019

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My daughter loves 24/7

My 4 year old daughter is doing her first year at 24/7, she absolutely loves it. She can’t wait to go back each week. So excited to see where the years of dancing takes us.

Brittany K March 19, 2019

Best Dance Studio in Frederick!!!!

24/7 Dance has been the best thing for us all; it is like our second home!!! The girls have found there place; they feel strong and confident when they leave the studio and look forward to their next class. Lois is 11 she says \”I get to be with friends, learn new things, and hang out with my amazing teachers.\” Sofia is 8 and she says \”I like the studio because it\’s fun, I\’m in company which means more dance. I have a bunch of friends and love all the teachers!\” Ella is 6, she only gets to go to the studio twice a week but talks about going more! It is just the best, I can\’t imagine spending so much time anywhere else. Not to mention one of the teacher\’s is an amazing photographer, we love Yara and all her pictures!!!

Kelley Baccellieri March 18, 2019

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We love 24/7!!!

Our 5 year old begged and begged to do ballet so I researched a number of places around. It didn’t take me long to figure out that 24/7 had the most to offer. And I am so happy with our choice!!! The teachers are spectacular and our daughter is so excited to go to her classes every week! Thank you 24/7!

Nicole Young March 18, 2019

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24/7 is amazing my kids have been doing various classes here for years! They were even sooo patient and caring with my two year old who wanted NOTHING to do with it! They have these kids feel confident about themselves, they are caring teachers and never put the kids down when they get something wrong! I can’t say enough good things about them. They are amazing! I would give them 10’atarts if I could!

Cory Patterson March 18, 2019

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My daughter loves 24/7 dance studio

My daughter is in her third year of dance at 24/7, growing in her confidence and especially her dance skills. She enjoy her classes and instructors and each year she adds one more. The staff is welcoming and always ready to provide assistance. I’m truly pleased with 24/7!! Is definitely the best dance studio.

Tathyana Decat March 18, 2019

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Amazing studio

My oldest came from another studio where I basically had to beg her to go to class. After one class at 24/7 she begs to go back. They are patient and treat the kids like their ages not years older. I have 2 girls that attend classes, soon to be 3! We drive 30-45 minutes one way just to attend this studio. They’ve improved so much in their dance skills! I can’t wait to see what the next years hold for them.

Erin wood March 18, 2019

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Best studio

My 5.5 year old loves this studio. Days they feel like family. We came from another studio she hated I was scared she would lose her love of dance. Got her to 24/7 quickly ! She fell in love with staff very fast !

Athena March 18, 2019

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100% recommend.

24/7 is such an amazing environment to grow as a dancer. All my teachers are extremely qualified and truly care for me as a dancer as well as a person. The atmosphere that Gina has created is great for all ages, and I am so glad that I transferred here.

Brooke Donald March 18, 2019

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