Congratulations 24/7 Dance Studio PRIDE Company AND 24/7 Dance Studio!

All our 24/7 Dance Seniors First Place “Best Senior Dance Diivison 2019”
The Mistake Shelby Gibb Platinum 1st Place Best Teen Acting
Poor Wandering One Alannah Mulheisen High Gold
Home Alannah Mulheisen High Gold
Human Alannah Mulheisen High Gold
Where There’s Smoke Alyssa Perando & Addison Smith Platinum
Journey to the Past Avery Meinke Platinum
She Used to be Mine Avery Meinke Platinum 1st Place Best Teen Vocalist
Piece by Piece Avery Meinke Platinum
Hooked Avery Meinke & Sarah Treadwell High Gold
Yours Bradley Garcia Platinum 1st Place – Best Teen Dancer
Untitled Bradley Garcis & Olivia Wilkison Platinum
Call Me Back Dany Thompson High Gold
This Girl is on Fire Eva Gearhart High Gold
Fire Under My Feet Eva Gearhart & Nora Thompson High Gold
Thin Mint Hip Hop Line Platinum
Brave Jada Baker Gold
Caught Juniorn Apprentices Gold
Stand Out Juniorn Apprentices Gold
Let’s Rewind Junior Hip Hop High Gold
New Noises Junior Hip Hop High Gold
Welcome to the 60’s Junior Musical Theater High Gold
I Won’t Say I’m in Love Junior Musical Theater High Gold
Think Junior Tap Gold
Burn Bright Junior Company High Gold
Picasso’s Portraits Junior Company High Gold
Hernando’s Hideaway Junior Company Platinum
I’m a Lady Kallie Ford High Gold
Waves Kate Goundry Platinum 1st Place -Best Teen Dance
By Me Kate Goundry & Bradley Garcia Platinum 1st Place – Best Senior Teen Duet
Glass Kayla Koennel Platinum
Every I Need Maden Schimel Gold
Hellelujah Marie Ireland High Gold
Girl Melina Shockey High Gold
Lil Ladies Naomi Campbell, Talea Haines & Sam Maleson High Gold
Watch Me Do Naomi Campbell & Talea Haines High Gold
Turn Me Down Olivia Wilkison Platinum
Pretty Head Olivia Wilkison Platinum 1st Place – Best senior Dance Company
Telephone Senior Company Platinum
Interconnection Senior Company Platinum
In or Out Senior Company Platinum
Neurotic Senior Company Platinum
Escalate Senior Company Platinum
Response Senior Company Platinum
Everlasting Shelby Gibb High Gold
Walking on Air Shelby Gibb Gold
Dirty South Senior Hip Hop Platinum
Lock it Down Senior Hip Hop Platinum
Know Myself Senior Tap High Gold
Forever Senior Tap High Gold
Fire Senior Tap High Gold
White Blood Sydney Winkler High Gold
Safe Tenn Hip Hip Gold
NO! Tenn Hip Hip High Gold
Someday Teen Musical Theater High Gold
Scream Teen Company High Gold
Waiting for Love Teen Company High Gold
Before the Light of Day Teen Company High Gold
Classically Trained Youth Hip Hop High Gold
It’s All About Me Youth Company High Gold
Violet Youths High Gold
Rock Me Amadeus Youths High Gold


Congratulations 24/7 Dance Studio’s Most inspirational Students

 Linda and Pat!

Congratulations to Linda Stine and Pat Ifield for winning Gold and Bronze at their recent competition! We are so proud of you.

Congratulations 24/7 Dance Studio Students


Congratulations to Jack McGraw who placed 1st and Phoenix Spurrier who placed 2nd in their age division and Emie McGraw who placed second in her age division at the OPH Fast & Furriest fun run!

Congratulations 24/7 Dance Studio PRIDE Company


Congratulations to the following students on being recognized by the Jump Convention and were able to participate in the finale:

Kayla Koennel
Addison Smith
Bradley Garcia

Congratulations to the following students on winnings scholarships from the Jump Convention:
Jada Baker won a scholarship for jazz, contemporary and lyrical dance
Daniel Becker-Cornblatt won a scholarship for jazz, contemporary and lyrical dance
Ava Durham won a scholarship for jazz, contemporary and lyrical dance
Alyssa Perando won a scholarship for jazz, contemporary and lyrical dance
Aleena Roberson won a scholarship for jazz, contemporary and lyrical dance
Sarah Treadwell won a scholarship for jazz, contemporary and lyrical dance

Lindsay Gierula won a scholarship for hip-hop and jazz funk class
Talea Haines won a scholarship for hip-hop and jazz funk class
Daniel King won a scholarship for hip-hop and jazz funk class
Elizabeth Simkin won a scholarship for hip-hop and jazz funk class

Samantha Bon won a scholarship for musical theater
Najae Ellis won a scholarship for musical theater
Marie Ireland won a scholarship for musical theater
Alannah Mulheisen won a scholarship for musical theater
Lauren Tanner won a scholarship for musical theater

Lindsay Gierula won a scholarship for being a Rock Star Dancer
Kate Goundry and Bradley Garcia received a High Gold for By Me
Kallie Ford won a Gold for I’m a Lady
Kayla Koennel won a High Gold for Made of Glass
Olivia Wilkison won a High Gold for Pretty Head
Eva Gearhart won a Gold for This Girl Is On Fire
Sydney Winkler won a High Gold for White Blood
Alyssa Perando & Addison Smith won a High Gold for Where There’s Smoke
Bradley Garcia won a High Gold for Yours

Kate Goundry & Bradley Garcia won 3rd overall in the Senior Duet/Trio Category

 Congratulations 24/7 Dance Studio Student Samantha Maleson

Samantha Maleson won a scholarship from the Maryland Council for Dance. The scholarship was for the Artistry Unleashed Winter Dance Intensive sponsored by the Artistry Unleashed Organization. We are very proud of you Samantha!


 Congratulations 24/7 Dance Studio Students Patricia Ifield & Linda Stine

24/7 Dance Studio could not be more proud of two of our favorite students, Patricia Ifield and Linda Stine for their hard work at a recent competition. These women are beyond inspirational. Congratulations on your First Place award! Watch Dance Here


 Congratulations 24/7 Dance Studio Student Naomi Campbell:

Naomi is the winner of a full scholarship to Taps Alive 2019! Naomi did an amazing job at the Taps Alive 2018 Workshops and certainly earned this scholarship. Great job Naomi!


 Congratulations 24/7 Dance Studio Student Talea Haines:

Talea was the winner of a pair of Jason Samuels Smith Tap Shoes at Taps Alive 2018 courtesy of Footlights Dance Boutique! Way to go Talea!


 Congratulations 24/7 Dance Studio Student Ashlyn Rubach:

Ashlyn Rubach, a 12 year old from New Market, is preparing to compete in the Scottish Highland World Championships in Scottland. To read more about the road to Ashlyn’s success, click on the link below.


Good luck Ashlyn! We will be rooting for you.


 Congratulations 24/7 Dance Studio Student Arianne Browning:

Arianne Browning, a junior at Friends Meeting School received a Student Peace Award of Frederick County at the Fourth Annual Peace Conference & Award Ceremony on April 14, 2018. She was among thirteen area high school students honored for positive contributions to their school and the wider community by promoting mutual understanding and respect for all people.
The award includes $200 for each student and $100 donation to the charity of their choice. Arianne chose the TREVOR Project which serves in crisis intervention, the development of chat lines and assistance to LGBTQ+ youth, as the charity to receive her donation.
In accepting the award, Arianne stated, “Being able to advocate and spread knowledge about LGBTQ+ rights is very important to me. If I can get just one person to be more aware of who they are or more comfortable in their own skin, then I have succeeded. My ability to help represent the student body in a committee like the Spiritual Life Committee, combined with my experience of intricate conversations in GLOW (Gay, Lesbian, Or Whatever) and my work with peer mediation, has helped me be more aware of other’s opinions, views, religions, and how to interact respectfully with others”.



 Congratulations 24/7 Dance Studio’s Scholarship Winners for 2018:

Overall Scholarship Winner – Sydney Winkler

Ballet Scholarship Winners –  Natisha Shaikh & Olivia Wilkison

Tap Scholarship Winners-  Malayna Spiller & Naomi Campbell

Hip Hop Scholarship Winners – Talea Haines & Janiah Budd

Jazz Scholarship Winners – Najae Ellis & Kallie Ford

Contemporary Scholarship Winners – Lindsay Kaminski & Maden Schimel

Acting Scholarship Winner – Olivia Chauvin

Musical Theater Scholarship Winners – Marie Ireland & Erin Kellogg

Gymnastics Scholarship Winners – Kaleia Nickens & Jodie Mose

Spirit of 24/7 Scholarship Winners –  Anyaé Glover & Anika Perry

Musical Theater Camp  Scholarship Winners – Maggie Heyman & Keenan Vance

Courtney Muse Scholarship Winners – Ryleigh Adams & Gracie Guzman

Summer Scholarship Winners for Ages 12+ –  Marleigh Klamert & Shayne Runyon

Summer Scholarship Winners for Ages  11 and under –  Alessia Alexandrou & Taylor Kidd

Extreme 14 Scholarship Winners – Allanah Mulheisen & Nora Thompson




 Congratulations 24/7 Dance Studio’s SRC PRIDE Scholarship Winners for 2018:

$500 Grand Overall

Anyae Glover
$300 Overall
Rylie Berzinski
Bradley Garcia
Kate Goundry
Olivia Wilkison
Sydney Winkler
$250 Most Improved
Joy Campbell
Najae Ellis
Talea Haines
Ella Scholz
$250 Pride & Dedication
Naomi Campbell
Samantha Maleson
Sonya Simkin
Nora Thompson
JUMP Workshop
Lauren Tanner
Wild Dance Intensive
Emma Christoff
$150 Swing of the Year
Avery Meinke
Sarah Treadwell
$100 Rising Star
Kallie Ford
Eva Gearhart
Addison Irons
Maden Schimel
Shyan Simpson
$50 Future Star
Aniyah Ellis
Hailey Harmon
Sadie Long
Elena Thompson




 Congratulations to the following students of 24/7 Dance Studio who each auditioned and competed in the Optimist Club Competition for Middle School aged children.

Shelby Gibb – Won the category for Dramatic Monologue

Avery Meinke – Won the category for Vocals

Olivia Wilkison – Won the category of Dance



 Congratulations to the following students at 24/7 Dance Studio who have moved to the MD State PTA level after advancing on from their individual school and the County with their Reflections program submissions. Frederick County will be represented by 7 students at the National PTA Reflections contest. All of the students will be invited to the Frederick County Reflections Gala on March 21, 2018 where their artwork will be displayed for the evening. These students will also be invited to the MD PTA Reflections dinner this summer to be recognized.

Emilia McGraw from Glade ES earned Award of Excellence for Primary Dance at MD PTA.

Eva Gearhart from Glade ES earned Award of Excellence for Intermediate Dance at MD PTA.

Maden Schimel from Thurmont ES earned Award of Excellence for Intermediate Photography at MD PTA.

CONGRATULATIONS to our PRIDE Company kids on their strong performance at JUMP Dance Convention last weekend. The following students won scholarships:

Talea Haines, Eva Gearhart, Adelaide King and Shyan Simpson all won Musical Theatre scholarships.

Abby Chapman and Kallie Ford won Hip Hop scholarships.

Lindsey Gierula and Kate Goundry won Tap scholarships.

Jasmine Bradley, Hayley Winkler and Sonya Simkin won Jazz/Contemporary scholarships.

Olivia Wilkison, Ella Scholz and Bradley Garcia won VIP scholarships!

Way to go!


CONGRATULATIONS to our PRIDE Company kids on their strong performance at JUMP Dance Convention last weekend. The following students won scholarships:

Talea Haines, Eva Gearhart, Adelaide King and Shyan Simpson all won Musical Theatre scholarships.

Abby Chapman and Kallie Ford won Hip Hop scholarships.

Lindsey Gierula and Kate Goundry won Tap scholarships.

Jasmine Bradley, Hayley Winkler and Sonya Simkin won Jazz/Contemporary scholarships.

Olivia Wilkison, Ella Scholz and Bradley Garcia won VIP scholarships!

Way to go!


Congratulations to Academy dancer Ella Scholz for being chosen an All-State dancer! Come see Ella and the rest of the AFA dancers perform in the Maryland State Dance Showcase at Goucher Collage on January 5th

Please read this amazing article on an amazing 24/7 student, Vanessa Fox. who was honored for her Volunteerism. Enjoy!


Check out this wonderful article on Women Owned Businesses in SASS Magazine featuring our very own Ms. Gina Korrell!


Former student, Franki Graham and current Instructor, Jeanna Riscigno are co artistic directors of LucidBeings Dance Company. The two are jointly compelled in their pursuit to awaken a collective awareness of what it means to exist. Dance, as a form of communication, gives the intangible shape and embodies a collective understanding of ideas and experiences. Using phrases of movement to insight empathy, performances can become a catalyst for promoting compassion. LucidBeings is impelled by the desire to break open the Self and recognize the way thoughts, choices, and energies impact all beings. Check out their website www.lucidbeingsdance.com to learn more about the company and this season’s performance schedule- they will be coming to Frederick in April!!

Congratulations to our 2017 Scholarship Winners!

Overall –  Eva Gearhart

Ballet –  Rylie Berzinski & Nora Thompson

Tap –  Kate Goundry & Willow Stewart

Hip Hop –  Sydney Winkler & Jordan Pritchett

Jazz – Sonya Simkin & Mia Martinez

Contemporary – Isabel Perera & Joy Campbell

Acting –  Greysen Simmons & Sydney Walton

Gymnastics –  Aubrey Mostowski & Yanira Gomez

Spirit of 24/7 – Sydney Winkler & Lauren Tanner

Musical Theater Camp  –  Samantha Bailey & Delaney Yablon

Courtney Muse Scholarship –  Katie King & Zoe Collins

Summer 12+ –  Katelyn Davis & Chloe Ford

Summer 11 –  Claire Stevenson & Cameron Nichols

Extreme 14 –  Anyaé Glover & Karlie Hertzberg

Olivia Wilkison

Congratulations to Olivia Wilkison on receiving a jazz tuition scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School. Olivia auditioned and they saw and took notice of her amazing talent and qualities. She has an exciting summer ahead of her.


Inauguration Performance

Catherine Marrone performed at the 58th Presidential Inauguration Welcome Celebration in Washington D.C. alongside 27 of her teammates of The American Tap Company. The team performed a 5-minute dance called “American Pride” which was a mashup of patriotic songs. After performing, Catherine and her company was escorted to VIP seating for the Celebration where there were performers such as Toby Keith and Lee Greenwood and was heard President-elect Donald Trump speak. Catherine enjoyed every moment of this incredible experience.



Riley Korrell and Catherine Marrone represented the United States as members of the American Tap Company at the World Tap Championships in Riesa, Germany.  The team competed against dancers from approximately 30 different countries. Riley competed a solo and a duet with Catherine. His solo placed 5th in the world. Riley and Catherine’s duet “Swing Set” placed 7th in the world. Catherine also competed in a large formation group called “On Your Feet” which placed 4th in the world and a small group called “Libertango” which placed 2nd in the world, receiving a silver medal.

The team faced some complications on their journey to the “Olympics for tap dance” when their flights to Germany were cancelled. Thankfully, United Airlines stepped up and got The American Tap Company to Germany for this extraordinary event.

DSC_0820Congratulations to our 2016/2017 scholarship winners!

  • Overall Scholarship- Avery Meinke Ballet – Katie Calvo & Rylie Berzinski
  • Tap –  Dylan Gibb & Natalia Cardona
  • Hip Hop – Taylor Garrish & T’Neisha Johnson Jazz – Hayley Winkler & Maden Schimel
  • Contemporary – Bradley Garcia & Marla Rowley
  • Acting – Zoie Higgs & Shelby Gibb
  • Gymnastics – Olivia Wilkison & Janiah Budd
  • Spirit of 24/7 – Kate Goundry & Shannon Larson
  • Musical Theater Camp – Gracie Guzman & Hannah-Mae Burnette
  • Courtney Muse Scholarship – Ben Davis & Sophia Brusco
  • Summer 12+ – Christy Powell, Joy Campbell
  • Summer 11 – Natisha Shaikh &  Rayna Spriggs
  • Extreme 14 – Dani Thompson&  Samantha Bailey

Warfield Family Scholarship

  • K- 3rd Grade
    • 1st  Nora Thompson    $ 200
    • 2nd Shyan Simpson    $ 50
  • 3rd- 5th Grade
    • 1st Rylie Berzinski$ 200
    • 2nd Lillian Holden$ 50
  • 6th-8th Grade
    • 1st Amaree Tedder$ 200
    • 2nd Lauren Banks$ 50
  • 9th-12th Grade
    • 1st Zachary Bryant$ 200
    • 2nd Tayor Vogel$ 50
IMG_0690Nellie and Bridget OBrien auditioned and were selected to join the American Tap Company and will represent the United States as members of the USA Tap Dance Team at the World Championships, known as the “Olympics of Dance” in Riesa, Germany, November 29th through the 30th.  The team is organized and led by Nancy Chippendale and her daughters, Kelli, Karen and Kristina Carberry from Andover, Massachusetts.  The team will compete against dancers from approximately 30 other countries.  The competition can be watched via live stream for anyone who wants to cheer the USA competitors on from home.  The live stream information will be provided via Facebook, for anyone interested, through the 24/7 Facebook page.  Nellie and Bridget join Catherine Marrone and Riley Korrell, both veteran members of the ATC and USA teams!  These talented dancers have been working very hard to represent the USA and would be excited to have your support during this exciting event!
Prior to leaving for Germany, Nellie and Bridget will travel to Chicago and will participate in the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day parade with other member’s of the American Tap Company!  Both of these events would not have been possible without the support and guidance of Gina Korrell and Joe Dodd, and the girls are honored to have been chosen to participate.  Many thanks to the entire 24/7 Dance studio family for their support!  GO USA!!!

Picture1Taylor Shay, Miss Annapolis Preteen 2016

Taylor Shay is proud to serve as Miss Annapolis Preteen 2016.  During her reign she has provided community service support to non profit organizations such as Hagerstown Area Police Athletic League, YMCA Daycare, Racine Multisports just to name a few and will be serving for Brook Lane Glow Run and Krumpe’s Donut Alley Rally 5K in the weeks to come.  In addition, her personal community platform focuses on a “Readers are Leaders” program emphasizing early reading intervention and Dyslexia Awareness. Taylor will crown her successor in January of 2017 and plans to continue her journey in the Miss America Program competing for an opportunity to represent a local community as an Outstanding Teen at the Miss Maryland Scholarship Program in the summer of 2017.

Taylor is a member of the Northern Middle School Women’s Ensemble, 2016/17 Madrigals, and a honor roll student. She has also had the privilege to perform in Annie in 2014 at the Maryland Theater and The Christmas Experience at Antietam Recreation in 2015.

Marina Jansen in “A Christmas Carol”

Marina has been cast as “Martha” in “A Christmas Carol” at Ford’s Theater in Washington DC.  Shows run from mid-November through December 31st.  For more info, please see the following website:  A Christmas Carol.


Jeanna Riscigno

Jeanna Riscigno is currently dancing with Alternative Dance Project and a guest artist for The Collective, a modern company in Baltimore.

Brandon Stonestreet

Since leaving 24/7, Brandon has performed in 11 countries with four different touring productions of Broadway musicals. Currently Brandon is on the road with tony award winning, Matilda the Musical.

Emily Krause

After graduating from Towson University with degrees in Dance, Business Management, and e-Business, I was offered positions in Alternative Dance Project’s debut show and Christopher K Morgan & Artists 5th Anniversary Concert. In February I was signed with Movement Talent Agency and moved to Los Angeles in June to pursue commercial and concert dance. In addition to dancing and auditioning in LA, I’m also an instructor at Pure Barre Malibu and teaching at a dance studio.