Victoria Darby

Victoria Darby began dancing at 5 years old. She was a part of a dance company called Anointed based in Prince George’s County. At the age of 8 she joined the company Adageé Divine, which is where she started her formal training in ballet, jazz, modern, lyrical, hip-hop, and African. For the next seven years she traveled with the ministry throughout the Metropolitan Area. In high school she was introduced to stepping and focused more on the style of hip-hop and harnessing the different styles. In 2009 she was accepted into the Arts Program at Virginia Commonwealth University. While attending VCU she joined the dance team at VCU where they taught the foundation of popping, locking and the Boogaloo funk styles. Also, she was part of her dorm step team where she learned traditional style stepping. In 2010 she attended Hagerstown Community College where she join the Hawk Divas dance/step team and was co-captain for two years and captain for her final year. During this time she was also part of a dance crew called Eklectix. The group focused on the different styles which included popping, locking, new style waacking, breakdancing, and tricking. The group toured with a local rapper across Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland. Victoria’s choreography consists of waacking, stepping, jazz funk, popping, breaking, new style and afro funk. She also emphasizes a strong concentration on music memory.