24/7’s Princess Play Day

24/7’s Princess Play Day’s can’t be beat! Children ages 3-6 will spend their morning dancing to princess songs, learning princess moves, making princess crafts, playing princess games, doing princess gymnastics, having princess snacks and more! Take home goody bag! The next play day will be January 15, 2018.



24/7’s Dolly & Me Tea

24/7’s Dolly & Me Tea is incredibly special. Children ages 5-10 will bring their BDF (Best Doll Forever) and together, they will dance, play games, do gymnastics, do crafts, have a special “shopping time” and more. Each child gets a goody bag. Surprises for the child and doll! The event ends with an amazing tea party sure to delight any child and doll. The next tea party is scheduled for February 19, 2018.